Eiichi Ito
General Manager, Kansai Electric Power Co. (KEPCO)
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Eiichi Ito is a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience at The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the College of Yokohama National University (1997) and a Master of Economics from the Graduate School of Economics at Kyoto University (2004). Throughout his career, Mr. Ito has undertaken diverse roles, starting in 1997 when he joined the company. Over the years, he has proven himself as a dedicated and innovative leader, serving as Manager in the Fuel Management Group and later as Chief Manager, overseeing critical projects related to gas and coal procurement, electricity origination, and trading. His contributions extended to international shores, where he was seconded to Kanden Energy Solution Co., Inc. In 2017, he took on the role of Manager in LNG trading and shipping, further enhancing his expertise. In 2020, Mr. Ito's career took an international turn as he assumed the position of General Manager (LNG Trader) at KE Fuel Trading Singapore Pte. Ltd., followed by his appointment as Director, Representative, LNG Trading, and Business Development in 2021, both positions being seconded to KE Fuel Trading Singapore Pte. Ltd. His journey reached new heights in July 2023 when he became the General Manager of the Offshore Wind Power (Floating) Business Development Group within the Renewable Energy Division. Eiichi Ito's academic prowess, combined with his extensive career, reflects his unwavering commitment to driving innovation and progress in the energy industry, making him a prominent figure in the field of renewable energy and sustainable power solutions.

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