Noel Dunlop
Founder, Energys
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Noel Dunlop, the Founder of Energys, brings a wealth of expertise and a visionary mindset to the forefront of the energy industry. With a strong commitment to realising a net-zero emissions future, Noel has been instrumental in driving the development of cutting-edge hydrogen fuel cell power products for over a decade. 

As a trailblazer in the field, Noel's leadership has propelled Energys to deliver world-first projects, including a megawatt-scale fuel cell powerhouse in Saudi Arabia. His innovative approach has showcased Energys' dedication to providing zero-emissions energy solutions and empowering industries to embrace sustainable energy technologies. 

Noel's visionary guidance continues to shape the future of the hydrogen energy sector, inspiring the early adoption of zero-emissions products. As the Founder of Energys, he remains passionately committed to fostering a zero-emissions future for generations to come.

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